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5th Edition, March 5-6, 2015 – Theme: Mobile and O2O

In 20 years of internet in China, 2014 is /will be a key inflection point. The mobile business and information consumption are transforming the broad economy. E & Mobile (social) commerce/ entertainment-online video/ travels/ advertising, and O2O will be the key topics of 2015 Agenda

– The pace of growth of Mobile internet benefits from technology innovation and infrastructure equipment, as well as the establishment of a “travelling lifestyle” (nation of commuters, terrible traffic, business travel, etc). There are +500million mobile internet users. The mobile economy is becoming more sophisticated as subsectors in mobile gaming, videos streaming and internet movies are making big leaps, with growing 3G & 4G, and smartphones equipment. N°1 online video platform Youku-Tudou had 400 million mobile daily video views in Q1 2014. Competition is fierce in mobile search with Alibaba now owning mobile browser developer UCWeb, N°2 search platform Qihoo 360 has +350million mobile users. E-commerce is going mobile: there are +400million online shoppers and +300million mobile shoppers. Mobile shopping transactions should represent 50% of the total online shopping transaction in 2015 (from 2/3 in Q2 2014); and should grow at an estimated annual rate of 95,1% in 2015, 55,8% in 2016, and 27,4% in 2017 (iResearch)…

– In the US it’s been brick-and-mortar chains that have led the way in O2O. In China, by contrast, the O2O leaders are the biggest tech firms- Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu (and new start ups emerging with strong mobile engagement and revenues). Increasing integration with offline industries by all major players makes the digital economy more sophisticated, highlighting “the power of local” and service/convenience as mandatory for the Chinese consumer. The O2O market for restaurant reservations, ticket pickups and other related services is expected to grow by 20 to 50% from 2014 to the end of 2017, while O2O transactions involving traditional retailers and mobile payments are expected to grow by 600% (iResearch).

Understand where this market is heading to, the new consumer market ecosystem based on big data and m-commerce platforms, embrace and keep up with the growing (digital) customer demand for services across categories, and across China (an outside), capture these opportunities!


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