China Connect 2016 Theme: Get Mobile
  • Digital media spend in China is expected to maintain a rapid rise of +28.5% in 2015, fuelled by the upsurge in mobile spend which is forecast to see the highest growth of +56% in 2015 (and +44% in 2016) across all media. The opportunities to re-target consumers closer to purchase activity is a big driver. Mobile Commerce is predicted to surpass PC commerce in 2016.
  • Brands and Organisations must convey their DNA through compelling storytelling, and need leading edge capabilities to partner with digital platforms in social media, location services, mobile marketing, mobile commerce and payments to reach the Chinese, at home and abroad
  • The much anticipated mobile revolution is happening now, but it’s nothing revolutionary in China, a country of almost 1Billion mobile web users called “The Smartphone Nation”. China’s mobile culture has leapfrogged what we in the West do with our phones. Speed, Agility, Agressiveness are China’s strengths in achieving goals

We Are Not Teaching Them. They Are Teaching Us. 

It’s Time To Get You Business Mobile 


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