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Monday 5 December 2016 – PARIS


  • With 700+ million Internet users and an eCommerce turnover which exceeded $310 billion, China has emerged as the world’s largest eCommerce market with its own specificities, including local players dominating the landscape without being present (as such) in the rest of the world.
  • Understanding the Digital Marketing and eCommerce markets is the first step to a successful implementation in China. Who are the players? Which are Chinese Internet users behaviours when shopping online? Why and how digital strategies are different in China from the rest of the world? What are the budgets to forecast to develop your eCommerce business in China? How to manage eCommerce transactions locally and through cross border ? 



  • Understand and evaluate China’s eCommerce and digital marketing key players, stakes and latest opportunities and challenges
  • Master the various practical and economic aspects of eCommerce and Digital Marketing through concrete examples and case studies,
  • Effectively help you plan your social e-commerce and digital marketing strategies

Who should attend ?

Marketing Manager / Export Manager / Digital manager / Product Manager / Chief Marketing Officer / Chief Digital Officer / Retail Manager


Cyril Drouin

Chief eCommerce Officer

Saatchi & Saatchi

Laure De Carayon

Founder & CEO



  • 8h30: Coffee, Welcome by Laure de Carayon, Founder&CEO China Connect

Cyril Drouin, Chief eCommerce Officer for Greater China at Saatchi & Saatchi

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9h-10h: The Chinese eCommerce Market

  • What market are we talking about?
  • Who are the Chinese Internet buyers?
  • Focus on the Mobile Market in China
  • Market size eCommerce in China
  • The growth of China’s eCommerce
  • Why are the Chinese buying online?

10h-10h30: China’s Digital Landscape

  • Who are the players of the Internet and eCommerce in China ?
  • What do the Chinese do on the Internet?
  • A very specific and very local market

10h30 – 10h45: Break

10h45-11h45 : Marketplaces

  • The importance of marketplaces in China’s eCommerce
  • Marketplaces Business models in China
  • Focus on Tmall (B2C), Taobao (C2C), Jingdong (JD), …
  • Merchandising & advertising on online Marketplaces

11h45-13h00 : Baidu

  • Baidu : The leading search engine in China
  • Baidu is not only a web browser
  • Advertising on Baidu

13h00-14h00: Lunch – Network

14h00-15h00: Chinese Social Media Platforms are Amazingly Powerful

  • Focus on WeChat, Weibo…
  • What brands can do with WeChat
  • Successful campaigns

15h-15h45 : E-Commerce platforms

  • Which platforms for which eCommerce needs?
  • eCommerce platforms specifics for China
  • Hosting of my eCommerce platform for the Chinese market
  • The steps to build an eCommerce platform
  • Integrations with my information system
  • Means of payment

15h45-16h30 : Digital marketing in China

  • What are the levers of a marketing strategy in China?
  • SEO & Content Marketing in China
  • SEM & online advertising in China
  • Social Marketing
  • Direct Marketing & Email

16h30-16H45: Break

16h45-17h15 : Operations related to eCommerce

  • Import
  • Logistics
  • Shipping
  • Catalogue
  • Digital
  • Customer service

17h15-17h45 : Digital IQ in China

  • ECommerce Strategy and Case Study
  • “Successful» Case Studies in China

17h45-18h15 : Budget

  • How to plan my budget for eCommerce and digital Marketing in China?
  • A standard business plan

18h15 – 18h45: Summary, Conclusion, Q & A



Cyril Drouin, founder and CEO of the agency eCommerce BysoftChina : With over 15 years of experience in the field of e-commerce and the Internet in China and Europe, Cyril worked with nearly 100 clients, including brands, retailers, manufacturers, small businesses and startups. He helps brands throughough the entire lifecycle of an e-commerce project, from consulting to implementation, digital marketing and monitoring performance. Based on his knowledge of the Chinese market, digital marketing and technical expertise, Cyril has built an expertise in digital strategy and eCommerce in China as well as in the management of market places and localization in China of leading e-commerce technologies. He is a graduate of the French engineering ESIEA Paris, speaks fluent French and English and has a good practice of Chinese, and Korean.

Laure de Carayon, Founder & Ceo of China Connect



When: Monday 5 December, 2016
Where: Espace Hamelin, 17, rue de l’Amiral Hamelin, 75 116 Paris (Metros: Iéna, Boissière) Duration: 8h30-18h30
Price: 790€ HT until November 15, then 940€ HT
Contact: 01 4727 3264 – 06 8424 4557 –

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Espace Hamelin, 17, rue de l’Amiral Hamelin, 75 116 Paris

Metros: Iéna, Boissière – Buses: 82, 22, 30