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10 years that we study China’s digital marketing ecosystem, on the ground. Visiting HQs, meeting Chinese leading internet leaders, challengers and champions in the making, in this diverse, innovative and competitive environment, spending time nurturing relationships, obssessed to listen to different voices, making sure to enrich the pool of experts, because the country is too complex and fast changing just to settle.

10 years which saw internet penetration rise from 38% in 2011 to 60+% early 2019, equalling +820M internet users early 2019, the rise of China’s Middle Class, the birth of China as a digital superpower with the BATs reaching international stardom, and giving birth to a World New Digital Order.

It’s those 10 years, the so called “Golden Decade”, that we wish you to benefit from, and offer you to leverage with the best talents to accelerate your business. Throughout the year, access CHINA CONNECT Business Intelligence services, and our latest offering eSociety



  • Looking for your Local Partner in eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Influence? Need to access Chinese internet platforms?  Need a report on this trade show you can’t attend? Interested in a presentation in-house (an hour, half a day, a full day)?…

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In 2020, China must be experienced on-the-ground or you’re not serious about China. Get out of your comfort zone, it’s time to meet your next decades customers!

  • Interested in eCommerce, Content, Social Media, Innovation ?

  • Want to dig into Entertainment (Gaming, Music, Cinema, Sports), Fashion, Beauty, Luxury, Automotive, Health, Education, Smart cities, Fintech industries?

These Booster trips should be a transform”actional” journey. Tell us what you need


  • You are/your organisation needs entry-level understanding of the digital and eCommerce landscapes and key players. You’ll get what matters and the latest announcements on the market strategic trends

  • You are/your organisation is more expert and needs to digg deeper into activation, and how to generate traffic and sales. 

  • You wish a customised/in-house training session

  • “For me China Connect eSociety is connection, and disruption as well as knowledge”

  • “Great conversation and really interesting insights”

    Rémy Cointreau
  • “We were lucky as always to have great quality contributors”


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