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“What’s Next After China Golden Decade?” was China Connect Paris 10th edition theme, initially scheduled March 4-5, 2020. And the Coronavirus hit China, and then the World

In 2020 Asia Pacific becomes the N°1 worldwide economic region. The crisis we went/still go through can’t highlight more the weight of the Chinese Consumer and the dependence of the global economy on China 

Retail, Travel, Culture, Entertainment, Automotive,…are just among the strategic sectors which have been hugely impacted by the CoronaVirus. In parallel, Edtech, Healthtech, eCommerce, online content and media, were among the beneficiary industries of a huge consumer and enterprise shift online, while hundreds of millions of people progressively resumed work, after months of lockdown. China bounced back, ReStarted

To stay true to our mission, we’ve moved online April 8 with China Connect ReStart Live, your weekly live-streamed series, aiming to support you in the deciphering of “Post Covid-19 China” in the fields of marketing, media, advertising, eCommerce
China based experts and myself, presented and discussed what challenges marketers were facing, how they prepared for “Tomorrow’s World”. As navigating uncertainty is “business as usual” in China, ReStart Live will be back to keep on informing you with market insights and learnings from the best China experts

Stay tuned, and take care! Kind regards,

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  • Hands-on Market Decryption by Asia/China based C-Suite professionals 
  • Access to Replay and Presentations
  • Interactivity with Speakers via Chat & Q&A



Anita Mendiratta, Special Advisor, UNWTO & CNN
“From an UNWTO perspective best case scenario we’re looking at a 58% downturn this year in international travel and worst case 78%.”

Anita Mendiratta, Special Advisor, UNWTO & CNN
“We know it’s going to be domestic travel first. Firstly people in their countries, understand their countries protocols and policies more so. People are missing each other. The government is encouraging domestic travel because when you open up domestic travel you open up the supply and value chains. That’s the way to get the domestic economy working”

Edward BELL, General Manager Brand/Insights/Marketing, CATHAY PACIFIC
“In a normal day we transport 100,000 people. These last few weeks, we’ve been helping about 500 people a day to get where they want to go. So you can see just how such a huge impact this whole thing has had on us.”.

“The constant reminder, constant communication was very important throughout this whole crisis period”.

Edward BELL, General Manager Brand/Insights/Marketing, CATHAY PACIFIC
“But, as Mark said, you know, travel is fun and travel needs to touch you in the heart. Actually a lot of what the brands were doing it was too heavy, it was boring and it was very repetitive. We aim to just reconnect with them and just remind them about the joy of travel.”

Edward BELL, General Manager Brand/Insights/Marketing, CATHAY PACIFIC
” Everyone travels for a reason. So it’s about bringing that reason to people in an entertaining way.”

Anita Mendiratta, Special Advisor, UNWTO & CNN
“We’re human beings. The hug ability matters as much as we can send the apps of the hugs and the emojis of the kisses. We all need each other and our world needs our sector.”

“Overseas, they want to maybe get away and sort of imagine and romanticise themselves, you know, the Swiss chalet or the Miami suites are things people are looking for right now”.

Anita Mendiratta, Special Advisor, UNWTO & CNN
“This is not a time for campaigning, this is about communicating. This is when brand needs to use the digital platforms for those 360 degree conversations”

“ People are looking for more nature, more relaxation, more remote places. There’s a shift for people looking more at wellness, well-being.”

 June 10  – #Live8 : “Capturing China’s ‘Revenge Travel’ Opportunities”
  • Learnings from a global travel halt
  • Trends shaping the future of travels
  • Keys to engage with Millenials/GenZ travelers

Ajay JILKA, Business Director Asia, CULTURE GROUP
“We found out there was the emergence of new cultural heroes and sporting heroes, which were gamers”

XinYi LIM, Senior Director, Corporate Development, PINDUODUO
“Ecommerce in China is obviously very developed. But then across different categories the penetration is different. People still want to go to the local store to pick and choose a different kind of fruit. If we have live streaming, that’s a way to encourage people to try something they may not have tried in the past.”

Damon YEOH, General Manager China, Laboratoires FILORGA
“Data has been something that everybody has been talking about. But now is the time you really need to make a more meticulous use of it, during tough times and with limited investments”.

Melody LI, Director, Corporate Partnerships SPORTFIVE (ex-Lagardere Sports)
“I would say from a female fan perspective, they are more expressive than male. Brands in maybe luxury and cosmetics could really try to look into that and leverage that the female consumption power is huge. And they’re not afraid to express their love for their idols”.

Jérôme BACHASSON, Managing Director Greater China, HUGO BOSS
“What we see overall in China at the moment from a retail point of view, we see less traffic but much higher conversion”

Joy TANG, Founder & CEO Markable.AI
Online streaming and content are becoming new “foot traffic”.

Peter WARMAN, CEO & Co-founder, NEWZOO
The business of Esports is still relatively small, but the engagement that Esports has (close to half a billion people already watching professional gaming) is enormous (…) My personal opinion is that the next phase is to get people to be lifetime gamer.

Yizan HE , Founder and Managing Partner, Alfilo Brands
(…) We need to pay a lot of attention on the content. How much creative activities, how much fun, how much entertaining we can make the live streaming. It is not just how much, how many people want to buy… it’s about the story to generate a certain level of emotional connection before they purchase. I think that is the key”.

Phil CAO, Franchise Operations Director, China West Region, Coca-Cola
We believe live streaming is not only a sales channel? but a new approach to connect our consumers, customers and our employees.

Jérôme BACHASSON, Managing Director Greater China, HUGO BOSS
“If you want to catch up on Q1 which very likely has been difficult, you will have to leverage and best use all the festival that you can, but all festivals are not equal”

Damon YEOH, General Manager China, Laboratoires FILORGA
“It is really essential that as much as you can, try to retain the traffic that you have gained from all these festivals, and to actually make them repurchase. The social commerce is not only just to buy or to recruit new members. It’s also very much to keep them engaged, to keep the retention were loyalty is low”.

Ajay JILKA, Business Director Asia, CULTURE GROUP
“My perspective of where the future lies with Esports not just as a competitive world, but also a lifestyle element which can draw more audiences around”.

Joy TANG, Founder & CEO Markable.AI
“Shopping “Festivals” was very effective, but now over played in China and actually made consumers relying on discounts which is bad for brands. We (at Markable) care about the micro emotional shopping impulses”

XinYi LIM, Senior Director, Corporate Development, PINDUODUO
“A lot of people are not feeling too excited about traveling around right now. But I think one thing that live streaming has, is the power to bring the cultural experience to somebody”.

Jérôme BACHASSON, Managing Director Greater China, HUGO BOSS
“Clearly it’s a time to be entrepreneurial”

 MAY 27  – #Live7 : “How premium brands tackle Post Covid-19 Shopping Festivals?”
  • Pre/Post-Covid-19 “Shopping Festivals*” Dynamics (*Call them as well “Moment Marketing”)
  • Key Steps to Prepare Your Next Festival
  • Boost Your Content Commerce strategy

 MAY 20  – #Live6 : “Is Covid-19 a game changer for live-streaming commerce?”
  • [ Exclusivity ] Who’s Pinduoduo, China’s 2nd marketplace
  • The pitfalls and drivers of live-streaming commerce: Learnings from the Covid-19 times
  • Case Studies across Yizhibo, Douyin, JD.com, Tmall Luxury, Pinduoduo, in F&B, Culture, Cosmetics…

 MAY 13  – #Live5 : “China’s Gaming and eSports : Unlocking a Pandemic Opportunity”
  • How the Covid-19 impacted consumer engagement and marketers interest
  • Nike and BMW strategic League of Legends (Riot Games) partnerships decoded
  • Partnerships impact and effectiveness measurement
Cheuk Chiang – CEO Greater North, DENTSU AEGIS NETWORK APAC
“There’s a saying about luck. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”

Robin Trebbe – Managing Director China & APAC, INTERPSORT
“In China, during the lockdown, TV consumption increased from 1.5 to7 hours per day, and social consumption increased from roughly 2 hours to 5 hours per day.

Tini Sevak – VP Audiences & Data, CNN International Commercial
It’s a time to be human and show empathy. Put yourself in the foot of your consumers and what they’re going through. And lastly, be a source of truth and positive impact.
Sharmin Photographer – Head of Asia, SUUNTO (Amer Sports)  
“It’s no longer a convenience to buy online, it has become a necessity; this necessity is going to become a behavioral pattern.”
“I think there are three things that are going to drive the trends in healthcare: Universal health care, new models of healthcare and private insurance”
Thomas Piachaud – Director Brand&Marketing Consulting KANTAR
“During the quarantine period we’ve moved a whole new demographic of consumers who wouldn’t otherwise engaged with this online channel”

Xavier Veyry – CEO AXA China
“In 10 years healthcare went from inexistent to a trendy wellness support and finally to a critical tool”

Sébastien Gaudin – Co-Founder & CEO The Care Voice
“In terms of future trend, one is around tailored healths plans for specific population, How can an insurance product approach similarly  (…) people who have different well-being, medical needs, medical risks. The ability  to design an insurance product that understand it and is relevant to this population is the most priveling trend across market”.

Matthew Nolan – Strategy Partner, MINDSHARE
“I think that what we’re going to be thinking about more and more now, is how do we diversify the role of live-stream across the consumer funnel”

Sharmin Photographer – Head of Asia, SUUNTO 
“A platform like lazada (…) is now inviting SMEs to come and sell online encouraging them to come into the forefront where consumers can have their products without charging. And in the online business the platform is pretty expensive. I think that this is groundbreaking when online and offline meet for the common good of a consumer”

Xavier Veyry – CEO AXA China
“Private healthcare expenditure by this upper middle class will grow at a rate which is estimated to be more than 11% annually over the next two decades. It gives the importance of the healthcare to Chinese family, the rapidly aging population and challenges facing the public healthcare system”
Tini Sevak – VP Audiences & Data, CNN International Commercial
“If  we look at 2019, it was a year around sustainability and everything. And I think now 2020 is going to be defined by responsibility”.

Paul Hu – Marketing EVP, JAGUAR & LAND ROVER China
“From online streaming to unforgettable offline product experience, from e commerce demand creation to offline deal cutting. I think that’s the new norm of marketing in the coming years”

Cheuk Chiang – CEO Greater North, DENTSU AEGIS NETWORK APAC
“(…) The use of machine learning. I think that’s potentially where the next big opportunity is for us. So we’re now at a very interesting time the creation of so much data”.

Thomas Piachaud – Director Brand&Marketing Consulting KANTAR
“When you look at the comparison between healthcare professionals level of trust versus social media influences. We see the social media influencers are actually more trusted than doctors. This is a huge interesting data point. I don’t know exactly what it means about doctor but what it means about media influences is that it can be an excellent channel to tap into disseminate information and knowledge to the market and provide that level of reassurance”

Jiapeng Song, Senior Experience Designer, AKQA 
“Actually we have been seeing a lot of brands being extremely innovative during this Crisis. They are using existing ressources as a temporary solution with no doubt. A lot of these temporary solutions have actually set the new standard for the market”

Tini Sevak – VP Audiences & Data, CNN International Commercial
“You know, this is not a time to retrench, this is the time to retain that mental availability of its brand in these times, and especially when physical availability might not always be there”

 APRIL 29  – #Live4 : “Experiential Marketing Beyond the Pandemic”
  • The potential long-term impact of COVID-19 on consumer behaviors, attitudes and values.
  • How has Covid-19 changed how and where brands communicate, both in the short and Long term?
  • Are the changes in delivering brand experiences in China during Covid-19 a temporary trend, or the new norm?

 APRIL 22  – #Live3 : “From Infection to Inflection : Navigating the New Normal”
  • Response: what immediate actions have consumers and brands taken in response to COVID-19
  • Recovery: what data points are needed to power proactive planning?
  • Return: how has COVID-19 accelerated changes to gain consumers’ confidence?

 APRIL 15  – #Live2 : “Covid-19 vs Retail Renovation : The Asian Response”
  • Asian Retail Market Overview
  • Covid-19 impact: Similar or Diverse across APAC?
  • 5 trends for the Future of Retail in Asia

 APRIL 8  – #Live1 : “Post Covid-19 China : Digital HealthCare on Steroïds”
  • A Decade of China’s Healthcare Digitization Acceleration
  • Healthcare road to Platformization: Tencent Trusted Doctors
  • Post-Covid-19 and the birth of a “New Digital Health Order”
  • Conclusion: 5 trends shaping the future of Healthcare inChina…and beyond?






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