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CHINA CONNECT has pioneered the China-Europe digital bridge in 2011. It’s the One&Only European conference to gather in Paris and Shanghai, the very best of China’s business culture and consumer knowledge, digital and mobile tech marketing strategies and experts, and European companies who made the Greater China & APAC region, a priority for their global business.

In Paris, we bring China to You: a truly international line up of hands-on professionals, where the Chinese and Chinese companies are essential. 
In Shanghai, we gather Chinese and European marketing professionals

Our DNA: we believe it’s people who live in and breathe China 360, who are the best to deliver the expertise you need, get the credentials you’re looking for, to bring your business to the next level. 

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  • Congratulations for these 2 days of remarkable quality

  • It’s actually one of the most inspiring forum I have recently attended

  • A big Bravo. It is more and more intense, informative and exciting, year after year

  • Possibilities come from connections. That’s what this event inspires. And every session is all about authentic stories, people here don’t make show, but share and connect

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Paris 2020

10th edition

2010-2020 in China, what a (digital) decade! China’s growth went from 9% in 2011 to 6.6% in 2018. Internet penetration grew from 38% in 2011 to exceed 60% early 2019. Smartphone penetration rate was 43% in 2013, and should be 63% in 2019. Tiers 1 and 2 cities captured most of the growth, while 3rd […]

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Paris 2019


New retail is one of China’s most talked about industries when it comes to highlight the country’s technology innovation and uniqueness at scale. Its achievements and on-going forward-thinking concepts redefine experiential marketing as the West knew it.

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Shanghai 2018

We are thrilled to come back to Shanghai for our 2nd edition to highlight ,”from within”, with its doers and shakers, the uniqueness, complexities and opportunities to connect with 1.4 billion people on the mainland and abroad. And to further develop and strengthen the bridge we started to build mid-2010, in fostering new relationships and business […]

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Paris 2018

China : the new world's inspiration

From AI “new frontier” big push across a wide range of industries and solutions, the impact of KOLs far beyond the one we experience in the West, the new retail perspectives and mobile payment options, to the surge of short videos, rise of local brands, fast developing leaderships in bike-sharing, smart cities, e-sports, electric cars, […]

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Shanghai 2017

A Day on Marketing Innovation and Social Commerce

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Paris 2017

Crack The Codes

of the amazing Chinese entrepreneurial consumer in a data driven world Asia, with China leading the way, has become a crucial growth engine for many companies, across industries. It’s critical for global decision-makers to learn from the first-hand experience of leaders in Asia-Pacific, both to participate in the enormous opportunities of digital transformation, and to import the region’s game-changing innovations, business strategies and […]

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Paris 2016

Get Mobile

The much anticipated mobile revolution is happening now. But it’s nothing revolutionary in China, a country of 1B mobile web users. We are not teaching them. They are teaching us.

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Paris 2015

Beyond Top Tiers. Mobile Forward: Reaching the New Chinese Consumers

In 20 years of internet in China, 2014 has been a key inflection point. The mobile business and information, content and services consumption are transforming the broad economy, and lower tiers are becoming the battlefield to conquer new customers. We’ll decipher this fast evolving landscape and what’s at stake for marketers, through the lenses of […]

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Paris 2014

Embracing The Chinese Thrill For Shopping

– “By 2015, China will see annual increases of 40 to 50 millions Internet users, and 30 to 40 millions online shoppers” Boston Consulting – “Rather than replacing offline retail, online is actually spurring shopping overall, with every $1 spent online only cannibalising 60c of offline retail. That’s creating 40% incremental purchasing overall, with less developed […]

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Paris 2013

Leverage Chinese Consumer Engagement Across Tiers

Reaching scale is therefore as much a key stake, as a key challenge for brands – it impacts their (whole) mix, be it in Luxury or FMCG. To help brands harness the growing affluent consumers, China Connect 3rd edition brings together experts, to share on how to tackle the following stakes across the country: Leverage […]

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Paris 2012

E and M-commerce in the Age of Brand Consciousness

For its first edition June 2011, upon the theme « Time to Engage with Chinese consumers », China Connect aimed at showing The Big Picture of Chinese digital landscape and marketing stakes, in the Middle Kingdom fast growing market. Chinese people are serious shoppers, super connected, becoming more savvy, worldly – Chinese mindset, global lifestyle […]

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Paris 2011

Time To Engage With Chinese Consumers

This first edition will tackle 3 realities of China society: a growing disposable income, a fragmented market, a hugely fragmented media landscape.

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  • “For me China Connect eSociety is connection, and disruption as well as knowledge”

  • “Great conversation and really interesting insights”

    Rémy Cointreau
  • “We were lucky as always to have great quality contributors”


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