The Membership to Leap You Digitally Forward With The Chinese
In today's uncertain times, one of the biggest challenge is to identify the game changers, understand and prioritize what's necessary to keep the pace of things, while take a step ahead 
"The Dead Poets Society" movie has inspired our name. A secret organization where poetry was read, inspiring its members to live their lives with new meaning. Where experiences, to embody its motto, Carpe Diem, became a turning point in their life. Carpe Diem - "seize the day” - can’t be more true when it comes to do business with/in China. 
Almost 10 years ago, I felt the excitement of something new, digging "from my secret cave", into the fascinating Chinese digital marketing landscape. I knew it would be a game changer for businesses.
Ever since, every single month has its share of surprises and novelties, and it will not decelerate or made easier.
That's why, going further the annual China Connect 2 day conference in March, eSociety aims to nurture our community, throughout the year, in bringing that extra, hands-on, premium digital marketing knowledge and on-the ground experience, with top-notch industry leaders through a series of exclusive Masterclass Dinners, and more networking opportunities
It is this strong inspiration, connecting with opinionated and charismatic professionnals, we wish you to benefit from. This sense of belonging we want you to experience, throughout the year in joining China Connect eSociety.
Email us at for the 2019/2020 membership programme and conditions.
Warm regards, and Carpe Diem!
Laure de Carayon
Founder & Ceo China Connect

Exclusive Masterclass Dinners    2019-2020 Season

Bessie Lee, Founder & CEO Withinlink


October 8, 2019

Bessie Lee 
Founder & CEO

Bessie Lee is Founder and CEO of Withinlink, a China-based startup incubator and early-stage venture fund focused on marketing technology that supports China’s media communications industry.