The 60 minutes C-Suite Virtual Series

Wednesday November 24, 2021 – Webinar 8:45-10am CET & Dinner in Paris (members only) 

Sustainability in China :
Context, Societal dynamics, challenges and opportunities for brands, focus on the Luxury/Fashion/Beauty Industries

Special Guest Nathalie Bastianelli, Author of “As China Goes Green… An untold testimony on the Chinese commited to the planet”
Lena Yang , Chinamind Interculture Group,
Co-Founder and Partner responsible for Strategy
Laure de Carayon, CEO Asia Loopers  

Nathalie Bastianelli 


Nathalie Bastianelli is not afraid of challenges. Driven by audacity and a strong faith, it’s in China, the world’s largest polluter, that she created the WeBelongToChange forum dedicated to sustainable innovations and conscious consumption. Several million Chinese netizens followed her event on social networks.

This committed businesswoman, former general manager of two Havas Media subsidiaries in Beijing and Shanghai, wants to believe in the ecological awakening of a fringe of Chinese civil society. She tells us the story of these eco-aware men and women she met on the ground during six years. Her book “As China Goes Green” (Editions de l’aube) is a unique testimony on those Chinese who are committed to the planet

Lena Yang is senior fashion media executive for the past 27 years. Before launching WWD in China, she was former CEO of Hearst Magazines China. She is now responsible for the strategic development of Chinamind Interculture Group, mainly on sustainable fashion and China fashion culture.

Chinamind Interculture Group, founded on 2018 by senior media and marketing specialists, is a comprehensive fashion and lifestyle industrial digital media and marketing services group, focusing on providing the most updated industrial insights, networking, and strategy consultancy. Chinamind Interculture Group is now publishing 6 different digital media including: WWD (Women’s Wear Daily, one of the most authoritative fashion industrial media for more than110 years history), Footwear News, Beauty Inc, China Industrial Insights (focusing on policies, supply chains, and industry clusters), Re-Green (Sustainable Fashion), and Hard Candy (New brands and designers). The group is aiming to support the growth of the industry in its sustainable development, digital transformation and China fashion culture. 




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